Vodka ORGANIC – Nature in each drop!

Vodka ORGANIC – organic vodka made from high quality natural raw ingredients. The vodka contains organic spirit Alpha produced from wheat grown in natural conditions in the fields of Russian farm units without the use of chemical fertilizers and GMOs. The organic alcohol producer verifies the quality by the ORGANIC certification.

Permalco JSC has successfully passed Organic certification and received the right to be labeled Organic on its products; the company is included to the Russian Register of organic product manufacturers as confirmed by the QR code on the label.

Essential note! Pursuant to the Organic Products Federal Law, since 2020 the production of organic foods in the Russian Federation has become legally regulated, all manufacturing enterprises must receive organic certification, and be included into the Register of organic products manufacturers; only compliance with all these requirements ensures the right to label goods with the mark “ORGANIC”.

Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property registered and issued a Trademark Certificate No.803674 dd. 11.08.2020 to Permalco JSC.

Vodka ORGANIC refers to the original nature with its pure composition and organic design; a green sprout breaking through the ground filled with life, freshness and drops of pure water.