“Permalko” started production of the classic Russian ROMANOV vodka, the design idea and recipe of which belongs to the descendants of two great dynasties Jan Bernadotte, great-grandson of Alexander II.

The idea to produce vodka, which would reflect the soul of a Russian person, its love for the Motherland, and respect for the memory of ancestors, was emerged at Jan Bernadotte, the Count of Wiesborg, during his trip to his homeland in 2004. Long 12 years of searching and thinking took place from the idea to the appearance of the finished product. The descendant of the Russian imperial and Swedish royal dynasties, Jan Bernadotte, a recognized international sommelier, personally took part in the development of the recipe for a new product.

All consumer preferences were taken into account in the creation of ROMANOV vodka. After the “blind” tastings of the best Russian and Western vodkas, the classic composition was selected: drinking water treated, “ALPHA” rectified ethyl alcohol of food raw materials, wheat infusion, and sugar. This simple, at first glance, decision was suggested by Jan Bernadotte, because namely this kind of vodka, without additives and fragrances, his grandmother Maria Pavlovna Romanova and father Lennart Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg, preferred.

Jan Bernadotte took part in the choice of the place of production of “family” vodka. Having considered the proposed options, he gave preference to the Permalco plant – a production with more than a hundred-year history. The plant was founded on January 1, 1895 as the Perm official alcohol rectifying plant, and today it is a modern enterprise with a well-established production cycle, which is among of the TOP-20 largest liquor enterprises of Russia and meets the most modern requirements of classical technology. The enterprise produces more than 20 names of products, which include popular brands of vodka: “Kaznacheiskaya”, “Russian reserve”, and “GRADUS”. In the manufacture of vodka, alcohols of the “Lux” and “Alpha” classes are used, which are produced by “Talvis” JSC known for their high-quality alcohols. For example, vodka “Stoli”, one of the most well-known vodkas in the world, is produced based on the Riga balsam.

Speaking about the features of ROMANOV vodka production, it is worth to note that the birch charcoal impregnated with silver, brand AIM and birch charcoal BAU-A produced by manufacturers of Perm Region “Sorbent” and the “Technosorb” are used for the filtration of water-alcohol mixture at the plant Permalko. To improve the organoleptic qualities of the drink and stabilize, the low temperature technology is used. Vodka undergoes three stages of filtration and is subjected to control treatment immediately before bottling.

«ROMANOV» vodka is manufactured in elegant bottles of 0.5, 0.7 and 1 liter with a thickened bottom and imperial monogram on a label and packed into boxes made of high quality bleached paperboard. In addition, there are options for elegant gift packaging.

In September 2017, the presentation of the new premium product – «ROMANOV» vodka will be held at the International Sommelier Competition in Moscow at the hotel Marriott Royal Aurora. The presentation will be held with the personal participation of Count Jan Bernadotte and his wife.