“ROMANOV” vodka is an attribute of luxury and sophistication. Named after the great ruling dynasty, this vodka is unique. “ROMANOV” vodka was created with all consumer preferences taken into consideration. Descendant of the Russian imperial and the Swedish royal dynasties, Jan Bernadotte, an internationally recognized wine expert, personally took part in development of formulation of the new product.

“ROMANOV” vodka is a high-quality product based on spirit type “Alpha”. It has a smooth taste and a distinctive aroma of vodka. It is produced using the most expensive wheat of choice grade. Main peculiarity of this vodka is filtration through birch charcoal impregnated with silver.

Volume (L) Bottles in a case Alcohol (%) Barcode
0,7 12 40 4600577004386
0,5 20 40 4600577003907