Results of Permalko JSC in 2016


2016 was a year of great achievements for Permalko JSC. The company produced over 6m liters of spirits which is 95% more than at the same period of the previous year. The main reason behind it was expansion to new markets. Over the last year the company increased its shipments into regions of Russia by 5.5 times and there was an increase of exports by 2.5 times.

In 2016, Permalko JSC was the 19th top spirits producer in Russia. Despite economic instability in the country, the company maintains consistent performance and completely meets its commitments. All tax payments of Permalko JSC constituted more than 2 billion rubles. Such performance was achieved due to an active sales strategy on all markets: in Perm Region, regions of Russia and exports.

Permalko JSC has a certificate of conformity with all standards of operation procedures and quality of products which are in force according to Russian legislation. The license of the company for production, storage and shipment of spirits has been prolonged for 5 years, until 2021.

The present Permalko JSC is a modern plant with a well-adjusted production cycle and strict conformity with all operation procedures. Production capacity of the plant grows consistently. Just a while ago, the bottling lines were operated in two shifts but now they run round the clock. And the launch of a new line is planned in the short term.

Being one of key players on the spirits market means more than just achievements in production capacity. One of the leading producers feels even more responsibility to consumers, because they must be sure in 100% quality of the products. The plant is known for its unique recipes of products, which are produced using high-quality ingredients. It is worth mentioning that the staff of the company always works to design new products and puts enough effort into re-branding of the existing liquors. The enterprise strives to be up to date, using modern technology for production.

In October, 2016 the company successfully completed certification audit, which approved that the system of food safety management used by the company fully conforms with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2005. The certificate of conformity was issued by one of the most reputable certification centers Intercertifica-TUF together with TUF Turingen (T?V Th?ringen e.V. (Germany) until October, 2019. The certification included analysis of quality of the management, nature of the technology used and strategical priorities of the company. The commission revised all stages of production, shipment and consumption, which allowed to draw accurate conclusions on the conformity of Permalko’s products with all stated safety criteria.

Products by Permalko JSC justly receive high estimates from international and Russian experts. This is proven by numerous medals and diplomas from tasting contests and exhibitions. For instance in 2016 the company took the highest honor Grand-Prix and a gold medal at the important competition Prodexpo 2016.
In 2017, Permalko JSC will continue focusing on catering to the needs of Russian market, which requires expanding the production, improving the quality of products and increasing its production capacity. The company works actively to increase the sales of its products, find new efficient marketing strategies and improve production capacity. Permalko JSC plans to enhance the design of its products, extend the brand portfolio and expand its market presence. “In any case, however difficult times may come, there is a need to work and improve, which we will be doing…”