Permalko applies certified Quality Management System according to ISO22000:2005 standard. Our efficient and systematically perfected Quality Management System assures highest quality of our products, as well as its health safety. Each batch of our products undergoes quality control at our plant’s laboratory, according to the appropriate norms, and only then it is further distributed to the market.

The laboratory, at which our specialists conduct complex physicochemical and microbiological research, supervises and monitors technological processes, controls raw material supplies, and takes an active part in creating new products.

Feedback with consumers

Permalko, in its activities, focuses on the customer, is open to feedback and takes the responsibility to take the necessary actions to resolve all contentious issues regarding product quality and safety.

If you have a complaint about the quality and safety of Permalco products for your health, please fill out the “Claim Form”.

Within one working day we will analyze the data on your claim for sufficiency and, if necessary, contact you, specifying the details of the claim.

The answer to the resolution of the claim will be provided to you by sending a letter by e-mail, orally by phone or by personal communication – depending on what contact information for communication you leave in the Claim Form.

The time for consideration of the claim depends on its complexity: whether additional laboratory analysis, product tasting, other …

If you want to leave your feedback and wishes regarding the products of Permalko, please fill out the “Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire” .