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Permalko: the history of success. 125 years of quality

In January 2020, we celebrate our 125th anniversary, a milestone which opens a new period in the company`s life.

January 1, 1895 may be considered the birthday of Perm State Distillery. This important event was preceded by the wine reform, carried out by S.Y. Witte. Perm Governorate was one of the four experimental regions where private factories were transferred under State ownership.
For the last 125 years, the history of the factory has been linked with the country’s history. The factory went through challenging times during the Civil and Second World Wars, Perestroika and anti-alcohol campaigns.
Despite the difficulties, there were positive changes. Specifically, in the latter half of the 20th Century, the period of mechanization began. As a result, a new equipment had been introduced, and the production process had been reorganized.
In 1993, after the privatization, the factory got its current name “Permalko”.
Since the 2000s, the active period of production modernization has begun, marking the introduction of new products and distribution channels along with the launch of a universal bottling line, the opening of a new production department, implementation of modern packaging methods and phasing out of secondary bottles.

In 2004, the new line of vodka GRADUS appeared and attracted consumer’s attention. The appearance of GRADUS seemed like a mini-revolution, since decorated bottles were extremely rare at the time.
In June 2006, SPI Group acquired Permalko’s controlling interest. This September, the production is moving to a new building with new equipment where the technological process is currently. At the same time, the historical buildings of the factory are carefully maintained.
Since 2018, Permalko JSC has been a member of Amber Beverage Group. That year, a new bottling line was introduced. The company was the first one to introduce product recording by trade mark.

We are keeping up with the times: product designs are becoming more modern and interesting for consumers. In 2019, vodka lines “Gradus”, “White Lynx”, “Night Wolf” and “Permskaya” were updated. Permalko’s products received Russian and international awards.

Today, Permalko JSC produces a wide range of vodka and spirits. We are proud of being in the Top-20 largest Russian distilleries. Permalko supplies products to 40 regions of the Russian Federation and 10 countries of the world.

Permalko JSC is increasing production volumes; 2019 has become a breakthrough year in regards to its productive capacity. The best results were achieved in 2008 (1 378 000 dcl) and 2017 (1 547 000 dcl). Employees made a real gift for the company’s anniversary, they reached record volumes of production and sales of 1 563 000 dcl in 2019. It is the best result in the company’s history in recent decades.