“Permalko” JSC cares about old traditions

History of “Permalko” JSC began on the 1th of January, 1895, with the opening of the Perm State Alcohol Distillation Plant, established by the order of the Finance Minister, Vitte S.Yu. “Perm Governorate News” newspaper on January 4, 1895 gave a graphic description of the celebration prayer service which took place on the first day of the new year in the recently constructed building, adorned by natural flowers and garlands of fir branches and which was participated by chief officials of the governorate: “Perm State Alcohol Distillation Plant, built in a short period of time. The construction cost to the treasury half a million rubles.”

There is a preserved photo of the first personnel, which was taken by a well-known French photo studio “De Jongh Freres” from a small place of Neuilly near Paris. Photographers of the studio in those times used to travel from Algeria to Siberia. They took about 20 000 photos of the Imperial Family, military bases, enterprises, factories. And in 1895 they visited Perm Governorate. That was when they took the photo of the personnel of the Perm State Alcohol Distillation Plant.

Employees of “Permalko” honor traditions of their predecessors and are proud of their past. Continuing these traditions, 122 years later, a photo of personnel of the enterprise was taken, just like many years ago.