This is a traditional Russian vodka, produced with especially strict quality control. It is exported to Europe (it is available in one of the largest retail chains ALDI-Hofer), Africa, the CIS countries. KAZNACHEYSKAYA vodka has a kosher certificate from the Orthodox Union.

Volume (L) Bottles in a case Alcohol (%) Barcode
0,7 12 40 4600577001095
0,5 20 40 4600577001088
  • he YInternational tasting contest "Best Vodka of tear 2018" / silver medal

  • Tasting contest within the framework of the International Exhibition "Prodexpo 2018" - "Best product" / silver medal

  • The Vodka Masters 2017, UK, silver medal

  • Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017, Germany, silver medal

  • International Wine and Spirit Competition 2017, UK, silver medal

  • United Vodka 2017, France, silver medal