The history of Permalko dates back to the 1st of January 1895, when the grand opening of Perm State Distillery was held. It was opened by the order of the Russian Finance Minister – Sergey Vitte. In the end of the XIX century all spirit distilleries in Russia were under the government control.

After the Russian revolution and the Civil war in 1917 spirit production in Russia was forbidden and Perm State Distillery was closed. It was opened in 1926, when the Prohibition Act was abolished.

During the Second World War Distillery worked in extreme conditions. Part of its territory was given to the Machine-Building plant which was evacuated from the Ukraine.

In the 60 – 80s years of the XXth century capacities of the Distillery reached the highest peak. But after the 1985 year, when the Government started its anti-alcohol campaign, spirit production decreased.

In 1993 the Distillery  became Joint Stock company and was renamed into its current name – Permalko.

In 2006 the majority stake in the company was acquired by SPI Group. Since then a new life of Permalko has begun. Since 2018 Permalko JSC is a member of Amber Beverage Group.

Today Permalko is a modern company using latest technologies. Our spirits are exported to the CIS countries, Europe, the USA and Africa. We have succesfully created markets from up and coming Russian regions such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Irkutsk and others. We are proud of being in the Top-20 largest Russian distilleries. Our extentive portfolio caters to your every wish. It consists of over 20 spirits including vodka, balsam and liqueurs.