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  • “GRADUS” wins gold for the 2nd time in Meiningers International Spirits Award
“GRADUS” wins gold for the 2nd time in Meiningers International Spirits Award

“GRADUS” wins gold for the 2nd time in the most influential wine and spirits competition in Germany – The International Spirits Award. Winning the gold medal, which is the ultimate seal of approval in the booming European drinks market.

The International Spirits Award is an international competition for spirits, fine brandy, liqueurs, fruit wines and mixed drinks from around the world.

The ISW International Spirits Award was launched in 2004, with the aim of strengthening the position of spirits and giving them new momentum.

The International Spirits Award is the name of a respected and well-organised event. With the help of the special ISW publication in which all winners of gold and silver medals are listed, consumers are provided with valuable orientation support.

The jurors are renowned experts from research institutes and from the ranks of producers, retailers and restaurateurs who handle spirits daily. The spirits are tested strictly in line with a prescribed system. First of all, spirits are assessed by their appearance, i.e. by colour and clarity. Then it is the turn of the senses. The taster assesses the smell of the product by its purity and typicality. The next step is the actual tasting – the palate has to confirm what eyes and nose have registered. Finally, jurors make an assessment of the overall impression, considering the harmony of aromas and alcohol.

The system, which specifies weighted points for each of the criteria of appearance, smell, taste and harmony/overall impression, ideally produces a total of 100 points. Each spirits entry is tasted and assessed by a commission consisting of 5-6 jurors.

For more information link https://www.meininger.de/en/isw