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  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas won medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain
“GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas won medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain

The International Wine & Spirit Competition was first held in 1969. Annually, the best alcohol brands from all over the world take part in the competition: more than 600 strong alcoholic drinks and up to 10 thousand wines. More than 400 experts from 30 countries participate in tasting. The winners are determined by the method of “closed tasting”.

The samples are evaluated based exclusively on taste and qualitative properties of drinks. The labels are hidden behind the serial number, so the contestants remain “incognito”. The image of brands and manufacturers is not able to influence the results of The International Wine and Spirits Challenge, which often causes sensational victories and unexpected defeats.

This year, Permalko had participated in the competition for the first time with “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas. Both products received high recognition and awards. “GRADUS” vodka was recognized as one of the best vodkas participating in the competition and received the highest Gold Outstanding award. Vodka “Kazhacheyskaya” won the Silver Outstanding award.

Judges Tasting Notes:

“GRADUS”. Warm bread rolls with hot butter on the nose. On the palate, this has a creamy, buttery texture, like Jersey butter, and an excellent balance. It has a light hint of chocolate orange, too, and only the slightest warmth. Accessible and decadent.

“Kaznacheyskaya”. Nose: Raspberry and raspberry leaf – almost eau-de-vie-like – with a touch of berry geist. Taste: Light and fruity with notes of cut apple and berries, plus a little earthiness and notes of coffee grounds. There is a tingle of warmth at the end, but it is by no means a burn. The finish is dry and slightly leafy.

The complete list of winners and information about the competition can be found on the official website https://www.iwsc.net.