A New Star Has Emerged. Russian Reserve Restyling

It is a pleasure for us to inform you that we have completed the restyling of Russian Reserve and launched its production. We had a complex task: to renew the brand and to fill it with new power, thus proving genuine Russian quality.

A new design of Russian Reserve was developed by UNIQA Creative Engineering, a world class leading agency in alcohol branding.

Aleksey Yakushik, Creative Director of UNIQA branding agency (he is on the left of the photo), shared with us his impression of the work done, “I am glad! As a result we got a very interesting bottle: this is an innovation on the alcohol market. In its price segment, the brand will differ from competitors as a more premium product”.


Russian Reserve’s new design represents the brand philosophy: it is strict, modern, laconic, and masculine and incarnates true Russian spirit and character.
The shape of the bottle is unique and complex: this is a circle that transforms into a pentahedron. Everything in the brand (an aluminium screw cap, a small label of a regular shape) speaks of minimalism presented in a modern way. One of the strongest attributes of the brand is the five-pointed star as a symbol of excellence.



The first bottling of rebranded Russian Reserve Myagkaya and Russian Reserve Premium took place!
That was preceded by thorough preparation. In summer 2020, we equipped our production line with a new Italian labeling machine, which will allow us to implement our most complex projects.
We are proud of Permalko’s leading specialists who contributed their knowledge and experience to the project. We want to thank our colleagues, partners, and everyone who took part in the developing and launching of this product.
“We are confident in the brand’s success,” says Oleg Kotelnikov, General Director of Permalko.
Our new Russian Reserve is SECURE, STRONG, AND RELIABLE!