Permalko JSC maintains a stable market share due to its competent approach to organization of production and distribution, modern marketing strategy and cutting edge technological base. The company is in the TOP 20 list of vodka and spirits producers in Russia. Its brand portfolio comprises more than 20 products including popular brands, such as GRADUS, Russkij Rezerv, Kaznachejskaya. Do you still not work with its products? Perhaps, its time to consider the partnership. There are at least 15 reasons for that:

Reason 1. Balanced brand portfolio
Permalko’s brand portfolio includes over 20 trademarks, including vodkas, herbal liqueurs and liqueurs. And this portfolio is being continuously expanded. In order to attract even more consumers, experts of the distillery always work to improve quality of the drinks and update the range of products. The staff identifies the least demanded trademarks and introduces new vodkas to take their place. A special place in the brand portfolio is devoted to the following brands: GRADUS, Russkij Rezerv, Kaznachejskaya.
Reason 2. High quality of the products
Quality is an essential factor contributing to consistent demand for and good reputation of products of the company. This is what Permalko considers its advantage. Our company is a part of SPI Group, which provides us with new opportunities for technological improvement, cooperation in production and distribution, implementing new, modern quality standards, that match the best standards in the world. All products by Permalko are produced using the low temperature technology, which allows to make the quality of produced drinks more consistent. Vodka undergoes three stages of filtering and before bottling it goes through a test filtering. All drinks are produced using spirit of the Lux and Alpha types. The spirit used at Permalko is supplied by Telvis JSC spirit distillery, which is also a part of SPI – it ensures stability and high quality of main raw materials, which, in turn, translates into the benefits of pricing and stable quality of the product. The company uses natural ingredients for production – fresh lemon peel, pine nuts and walnut, rowan berries and cranberries, honey.
Reason 3. Proven quality of products
Products of Permalko justly receive high estimates of international and Russian experts. This is proven by numerous medals and diplomas from tasting contests and exhibitions. For instance, in 2016 the company received the highest honor Grand Prix and a gold medal at the important competition Prodexpo 2016. The Best Vodka of the Year competition annually honors GRADUS trademark with gold prizes.
Reason 4. Reliable enterprise, certified according to international standards
The system of food safety management at the enterprise is certified as conforming with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2005. Some vodkas produced by Permalko have kosher certificates issued by the Orthodox Union.
Reason 5. Alcohol products supply on favorable prices
At the moment, Russian producers and importers offer a vast range of vodkas and spirits for all groups of consumers of various preferences and income levels. However, Permalko increases its production and successfully withstands the rigorous competition due to the substantial advantages of the company over other producers. After all, consumers prefer products of a certain company because of the ratio of price and quality these products offer. Permalko can offer to its clients favorable terms of cooperation and competitive price for its products.
Reason 6. Wide sales geography in the regions of Russia
At the moment, the company has more than 30 regional distribution contracts. Permalko always finds possibilities to sign new agreements – the company is open for everyone who is interested in its brand portfolio. Warehouses of the company conform with all requirements of RAR, orders are placed quickly and the company guarantees that they are shipped timely.
Reason 7. Growth of export shipment
Products by Permalko are shipped not only to home markets but also to the CIS countries, Europe, the US and Africa. By the end of 2016, local sales have grown by 1.5 times and export and sales in the regions of Russia have grown by seven times.
Reason 8. Licensed bottling services are available
Permalko commands a substantial experience in licensed bottling. It has a well-proven procedure for launching production of new products, legal and administrative procedures can be finished within a minimal period of time. The company offers various services: from simple manufacturing of well-proven, high-quality products under your private label and bottling your products, to a full cycle, including development of an exclusive recipe, design layouts and manufacturing the end product from scratch.
Reason 9. Mutual respect towards partners and fulfillment of obligations
We value our partners! And they, in turn, value Permalko for quality of both the products and cooperation. Reputation of the company is an essential element of its status on the market, that is why everyday efforts of all our employees are focused not only on improvement of prestige of the company but on increasing mutual respect and responsibility for fulfillment of the obligations taken.
Reason 10. The goal is to improve the quality of cooperation
The result is above all, not the process. “To do” and “to achieve” are two different things. You cannot jump across a precipice for 98%. 98% of work completed is still work in progress. The result is 100% fulfillment of the plan. Permalko always aims at meeting the needs of its partners, and tries to interest them through various marketing programs, campaigns and encouraging the sales staff of its partners.
Reason 11. All for the partners, all marketing
Permalko actively works on seeking effective marketing strategies and increasing its sales. The company guarantees quick and precise shipment of orders, support of products on the market and personal approach to every client.
Reason 12. Personal approach to every client
The company is open for discussion of personalized provisions of a contract to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation. Permalko is focused on the interests of its partners – its always ready to help with resolving of all current issues and understand any difficult situation, in order to find a compromise settlement for every case with each partner.
Reason 13. Focus on the consumer
Focusing on the consumer is always rewarded: there are players on the market who have realized this fact and make their products highly demanded, but there are those who fail to look forward and choose to save. Permalko studies preferences of its consumers because the company seeks to increase its sales. The company regularly runs campaigns, reducing the price for its products on the shelves, which helps to improve loyalty of the consumers to its products and incites the them to come back.
Reason 14. Our staff are our pride
Permalko owes its success to high professionalism, active and well coordinated work of all team of the company. Best workers of the enterprise were rewarded for their dedicated work with recognition letters from the Governor of Perm Krai and the Head of Perm. The letters represent well deserved appreciation of long and excellent work of these true professionals.
Reason 15. Confidence in the future
Permalko is focused on expanding its sales geography and distribution channels even further, engaging in more active cooperation with the existing partners, seeking new partnerships and develop all its products in all areas: outlets, regions and export.

Permalko JSC – a company with age-old traditions – is open for partnership. We are ready to become your reliable business partner and do everything to make our partnership both pleasant and profitable for you.
Choose the best!