“RUSSIAN RESERVE” is the high quality vodka made with national traditions. On the basis of the recipe of vodka ” RUSSIAN RESERVE ” are pure water and high quality spirit type «Alpha». Thanks to the “gold filter” the vodka is additionally cleared and becomes noble taste.

The recipe of “RUSSIAN RESERVE MILD” is based on pure water and high-quality Alpha spirit. This vodka owes its unique and exquisite taste to the use of anise floral attar. “Golden filtering” allows to achieve a greater purity and noble taste of vodka.

Volume (L) Bottles in a case Alcohol (%) Barcode
1,0 12 40 4600577003211
0,7 12 40 4600577003198
0,5 20 40 4600577003174
0,25 32 40 4600577003235
Russian Reserve Mild