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  • “Permalko” was visited by a Descendant of the House of Romanov, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte
  • Permalko products recognized worldwide
  • “GRADUS” Vodka Produced by “Permalko” JSC Wins a Gold Medal at the “IWSC” Tasting Competition in the UK
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” Vodkas won silver medals at the Vodka Masters Competition in the UK
  • “Permalko” JSC gains new positions
  • “Permalko” JSC Enters the TOP 100 Industrial Leaders of Russia
  • “Permalko” was visited by a Descendant of the House of Romanov, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte
  • “Permalko” JSC cares about old traditions
  • “Permalko” JSC Reports an Increase in Productive Capacity
  • The CEO of “Permalko” JSC took part in the jury at the International Tasting Competition CWSA in Hong Kong
  • “Kaznacheyskaya” vodka became gold
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas won medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain
  • GRADUS vodka received a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious contest Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a bronze medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a silver medal at the 2017 World Spirits Competition
  • Best Vodka – 2017: GRADUS PREMIUM by Permalko JSC won a Grand Prix
  • Russian Reserve Premium
  • Russian Reserve Mild
  • Russian Reserve Export
  • Troyka
  • Troyka with birch sap
  • Night Wolf
  • White Lynx
  • Permskiy Krai
  • Kaznacheyskaya
  • Kaznacheyskaya Gold
  • Zvezda Gold
  • Zvezda Silver
  • Masterskaya Prirody Agat
  • Masterskaya Prirody Azurit
  • Masterskaya Prirody Malahit
  • Forward Premium
  • Forward Original
  • Laskovaya Rzhanaya
  • Velikoe Posolstvo Lux
  • Kaliningradskaya
  • Slavniy Ural
  • Gubernskaya
  • Perm Velikaya
  • Permskaya Lux
  • Permskaya Novaya
  • Demidovskaya
  • Borovaya
  • Rowanberry on Cognac
  • Prikamskiy Balsam
  • Products by Permalko JSC won prestigious awards at the Prodexpo 2017 exhibition
  • Results of Permalko JSC in 2016
  • Permalko JSC successfully completed certification audit
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    “Permalko” JSC was visited by a descendant of the Imperial House of Romanov, cousin of the King of Sweden, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte, who came in the city of Perm with his wife.

    At the oldest liquor production plant of Ural, he was welcomed by the CEO, Kotelnikov Oleg Ivanovich: “We are happy to welcome you in Perm and introduce you to the traditional technologies of production of Russian vodkas and liqueurs.”

    History of Ural is closely connected to history of the Romanov dynasty. The visit of Jan Bernadotte was associated with the launch of “ROMANOV” vodka at “Permalko”.

    Jan Bernadotte personally took part in choosing the place of production of his “family” vodka. When he had looked through all options he preferred “Permalko” plant — a manufacturer with more than a hundred years of history. Founded on the 1st of January, 1895, as the Perm State Alcohol Distillation Plant, today it is a modern enterprise with a well-established production cycle, one of the TOP 20 liquor manufacturers in Russia, meeting the most modern requirements of the classical technology. The governing principle of work at “Permalko” is to preserve century-old traditions of quality, while developing new types of products and mastering the most advanced technologies. Brand portfolio of the company incorporates over 20 products, including such popular brands of vodka as: “GRADUS”, “Russian Reserve” and “Kaznacheyskaya”. Vodkas are produced at “Permalko” using spirit types “Luks” and “Alpha”, supplied by “Talvis” JSC, which is known for its high-quality spirits.

    The idea of producing vodka came to Jan Bernadotte in the course of his journey to his historical homeland back in 2004. “When I saw Moscow and Saint Petersburg, talked to the people, tasted Russian vodka at the places of its manufacturing, I felt a need to convey that flair and energy of Russia, introduce my friends from many countries to them. That was the origin of the idea of “ROMNOV” vodka”, said Bernadotte. It took 12 long years of searching and contemplation for the idea to become a finished product. Descendant of the Russian imperial and the Swedish royal dynasties, Jan Bernadotte, an internationally recognized wine expert, personally took part in development of formulation of the new product.

    “ROMANOV” vodka was created with all consumer preferences taken into consideration. After “blind” testing of the best Russian and western vodkas, the classic composition was selected: treated drinking water, rectified ethyl spirit type “ALPHA” of raw food materials, wheat infusion, sugar. This simple, at the first glance, solution was suggested by Jan Bernadotte, because it was the kind of vodka, with no additives and flavoring, that his grandmother, Maria Pavlovna Romanova, and father, Lennart Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg, preferred. The product is intended for both, the domestic market and export.

    During the excursion the couple saw all processes of vodka production.

    After that, they had a tasting of “ROMANOV” vodka. Everyone was pleased by the taste of the offered drink.

    The meeting was finished in friendly atmosphere and discussion of further cooperation.

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    “Permalko” was visited by a Descendant of the House of Romanov, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte