• Permalko products recognized worldwide
  • “GRADUS” Vodka Produced by “Permalko” JSC Wins a Gold Medal at the “IWSC” Tasting Competition in the UK
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” Vodkas won silver medals at the Vodka Masters Competition in the UK
  • “Permalko” JSC gains new positions
  • “Permalko” JSC Enters the TOP 100 Industrial Leaders of Russia
  • “Permalko” was visited by a Descendant of the House of Romanov, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte
  • “Permalko” JSC cares about old traditions
  • “Permalko” JSC Reports an Increase in Productive Capacity
  • The CEO of “Permalko” JSC took part in the jury at the International Tasting Competition CWSA in Hong Kong
  • “Kaznacheyskaya” vodka became gold
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas won medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain
  • GRADUS vodka received a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious contest Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a bronze medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a silver medal at the 2017 World Spirits Competition
  • Best Vodka – 2017: GRADUS PREMIUM by Permalko JSC won a Grand Prix
  • Russian Reserve Premium
  • Russian Reserve Mild
  • Russian Reserve Export
  • Troyka
  • Troyka with birch sap
  • Night Wolf
  • White Lynx
  • Permskiy Krai
  • Kaznacheyskaya
  • Kaznacheyskaya Gold
  • Zvezda Gold
  • Zvezda Silver
  • Masterskaya Prirody Agat
  • Masterskaya Prirody Azurit
  • Masterskaya Prirody Malahit
  • Forward Premium
  • Forward Original
  • Laskovaya Rzhanaya
  • Velikoe Posolstvo Lux
  • Kaliningradskaya
  • Slavniy Ural
  • Gubernskaya
  • Perm Velikaya
  • Permskaya Lux
  • Permskaya Novaya
  • Demidovskaya
  • Borovaya
  • Rowanberry on Cognac
  • Prikamskiy Balsam
  • Products by Permalko JSC won prestigious awards at the Prodexpo 2017 exhibition
  • Results of Permalko JSC in 2016
  • Permalko JSC successfully completed certification audit
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    A frontier player in its industry, Permalko employs state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology in its operations. The company aims to expand its presence in foreign markets.

    2017 was indeed an outstanding year for Permalko. Products of the plant received acclaim at the prestigious professional international contests. GRADUS Vodka was honored with more than 10 top awards in Germany (Berlin ISC), the UK (The Global Spirits Masters), France (United vodka), the US (San Francisco WSC, New York ISC), and Hong Kong (China Wine & Spirits Awards, Hong Kong IWSC). Besides, the brand won a Gold Outstanding award at the IWSC, the most accredited tasting competition in London. The award’s significance in the industry is comparable to an Oscar in cinematography.

    The Permalko plant team deserves every credit for the product that they have created. It is a widely acknowledged beverage of world-class quality.

    In adherence to this utmost standard, Permalko guarantees excellence and steady sensory performance of its products. “Our product is honest – we preserve the tradition of the Russian beverage,” says Permalko General Director Oleg Kotelnikov. He points out that the company maintains accessible price and premium quality of its entire range.

    Permalko’s signature is its original beverage recipes featuring only high quality ingredients. Furthermore, the team is continuously working on developing new products, along with rebranding the plant’s legacy beverages. The company applies innovative technology in their manufacturing to be in step with the times.

    Throughout the year, the plant worked hard to meet the high demand in its products through extensive capacity utilization. In 2017, Permalko switched over to 24-hour operation. It will soon be launching a new bottling line. The company output grew by 25% vs. the previous year. Sales in Perm Krai and beyond grew by 27%. Permalko successfully exports its products to the CIS states, Europe, the US, and Africa. The company is committed to expanding its geographical footprint of sales and distribution channels. The plant’s tax obligations discharged to various budget levels exceeded RUB 3 bn.

    The list of Permalko achievements could be continued. In the meantime, the company proceeds to move forward, keeping a steady focus on its modernization and technical improvement program and adopting the most recent technology.

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    Permalko products recognized worldwide