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  • 20161007-IMG_7069-17888 - копия Permalko JSC is one of the oldest producers of spirits in Ural. The company is in the TOP 20 list of vodka and spirits producers in Russia.
    History of joint stock company Permalko began on January, 1 1895 when the grand opening ceremony of Perm State-Owned Distillery was held and wine marketing in Perm Province was started.
    Perm Province Vedomosti newspaper on January, 4 1895 gave a graphic description of the solemn prayer in which was attended by major authorities of the province and which took place in the newly built plant decorated with natural flowers and crowns of fir branches: “Perm State-Owned Distillery, constructed within an extremely short period of time, is the most fundamental structure. Its construction… cost the Budget almost half a million rubles”.
    The decision to acquire a small plant in the territory of Perm as government property was endorsed by the legendary reformer of the industrial boom age at the end of 19th century, Minister of Finance of Russia, Sergei Witte. Back then spirits production was under full government control.

    photo1 Further development of the enterprise is inseparably associated with history of the country. Amidst the revolution in 1917 and the Civil war, restrictive policy on production and selling of alcohol was conducted. In 1918 a prohibition was introduced and the plant was stopped.
    Vodka production was resumed in 1926, when the Soviet government started active economic efforts. Those days the plant operated with manual production method, using the spirit from other distilleries.
    In the time of the Great Patriotic War, the enterprise worked under the extreme conditions of home front mobilization. A part of the operating space was given to the machinery plant, evacuated from Ukraine, the other part was reorganized for self-consistent spirits production.
    Performance of the plant reached its peak in the 60s – 80s of the 20th century. The production was substantially decreased in 1985 when an anti-alcohol campaign was launched in the country.
    As a result of privatization, in 1993 Perm Distillery became a joint stock company and was given its current name – Permalko.
    In 1998, Permalko JSC was on the brink of bankruptcy but in five years the debts of the plant to the Budget were rescheduled. The company entered a new stage of development, active construction, modernization of production facilities, launching new products and expanding to new markets.
    At the end of June, 2006 the majority stake in the company was acquired by international SPI group. Since 2006, a new bottling facility, fitted with equipment from Germany and Italy, was launched. In 2007, the plant switched to a new low temperature technology for manufacturing of all its products.
    Today Permalko JSC is a modern, quickly developing company, equipped with high-quality bottling lines of foreign manufacture. The company has a certificate of conformity with the international standard ISO 22000:2005 for its system of food safety management. The enterprise maintains strict quality control at every stage of production from choosing a supplier to the shelf of a shop.
    Products by Permalko JSC are shipped not only to home markets but to the CIS countries, Europe, the US and Africa.
    Key priorities for Permalko JSC are the expansion of production, quality improvement and increase of production capacity. The company actively works on increasing the sells of its products, looking for new, efficient marketing strategies and exceeding its production capacity.