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  • GRADUS vodka received a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious contest Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017
  • Permalko products recognized worldwide
  • “GRADUS” Vodka Produced by “Permalko” JSC Wins a Gold Medal at the “IWSC” Tasting Competition in the UK
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” Vodkas won silver medals at the Vodka Masters Competition in the UK
  • “Permalko” JSC gains new positions
  • “Permalko” JSC Enters the TOP 100 Industrial Leaders of Russia
  • “Permalko” was visited by a Descendant of the House of Romanov, Count of Wisborg, Jan Bernadotte
  • “Permalko” JSC cares about old traditions
  • “Permalko” JSC Reports an Increase in Productive Capacity
  • The CEO of “Permalko” JSC took part in the jury at the International Tasting Competition CWSA in Hong Kong
  • “Kaznacheyskaya” vodka became gold
  • “GRADUS” and “Kaznacheyskaya” vodkas won medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain
  • GRADUS vodka received a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious contest Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a bronze medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2017
  • GRADUS vodka won a silver medal at the 2017 World Spirits Competition
  • Best Vodka – 2017: GRADUS PREMIUM by Permalko JSC won a Grand Prix
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  • Russian Reserve Export
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  • Products by Permalko JSC won prestigious awards at the Prodexpo 2017 exhibition
  • Results of Permalko JSC in 2016
  • Permalko JSC successfully completed certification audit
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    GRADUS vodka, produced by Permalko JSC, after a blind testing by the experts at the international contest Meiningers International Spirits Award has been awarded with a GOLD MEDAL.

    The International Spirits Award is the name of a respected and well-organised event. With the help of the special ISW publication in which all winners of gold and silver medals are listed, consumers are provided with valuable orientation support.

    The jurors are renowned experts from research institutes and from the ranks of producers, retailers and restaurateurs who handle spirits daily. The spirits are tested strictly in line with a prescribed system. First of all, spirits are assessed by their appearance, i.e. by colour and clarity. Then it is the turn of the senses. The taster assesses the smell of the product by its purity and typicality. The next step is the actual tasting – the palate has to confirm what eyes and nose have registered. Finally, jurors make an assessment of the overall impression, considering the harmony of aromas and alcohol.

    The system, which specifies weighted points for each of the criteria of appearance, smell, taste and harmony/overall impression, ideally produces a total of 100 points. Each spirits entry is tasted and assessed by a commission consisting of 5-6 jurors.

    Our vodka GRADUS won a gold prize!

    GRADUS vodka holds a special place in the brand portfolio of Permalko. Products by the company are shipped not only to home markets but also successfully exported to the CIS countries and Europe. The broad sales geography indicates a high demand for the products.

    In 2017 the quality of GRADUS vodka was duly appreciated by experts at prestigious international tasting contests: Berlin Spirits Competition (Germany), New York Spirits Competition (the USA), San Francisco World Spirits Competition (the USA), United Vodka (Bulgaria).

    Stability, high quality, advanced technologies and usage of natural ingredients are what Permalko owes its success to!

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    GRADUS vodka received a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious contest Meiningers International Spirits Award 2017