Vodka “GRADUS” is the combination of the purity and the unique taste. The recipe of vodka is the result of long experience and talent of the company’s specialists. It is prepared by classical technology of the best Russian vodkas from high quality grain spirit type “Alpha”. “Alpha” type is considered as the “new generation” of spirit which is specially purified. The vodka has an exceptional taste. Due to the unique production technology and natural components it has a delicate aroma and smooth taste.

The modern technologies applied to produce GRADUS PERFECT Limited Edition such as using Alpha spirit for production and charcoal for filtering, allow to achieve the highest standards of quality. GRADUS PERFECT also features a wheat infusion which adds it a unique, lovely flavor and an unusual smooth taste.

Volume (L) Bottles in a case Alcohol (%) Barcode
0,5 20 40 4600577001354